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Who are we?

Artifaqs aims to bring your history classroom alive in a way which is both fun and academically rigorous. The artefacts we feature have been suggested, tried and tested by teachers. Each product comes with a worksheet and/or suggestions for use to make history lessons easier to prepare. It's such an easy way to teach interesting history lessons.

Ian Dawson of thinking history had this to say: "I've lost count of the number of teachers who've asked where they can get a crown or other artefacts that will sharpen students' concentration and enthusiasm. Therefore Cate Aspinall's Artifaqs is a great idea and all the better for being the work of an experienced teacher with a strong sense of what will help students learn more effectively." 

Historian Ben Walsh said this: "From my own teaching experience there is always an expectant hush when something ‘real’ from the past emerges, whether it be a clay pipe, a military cap badge or a newspaper. Artifaqs takes this on a level, with bespoke artefacts which will help teachers to ‘plan in’ awe, intrigue, or even cheesy fun."

We have sorted our artefacts in two ways. Firstly by Time Period, which should make KS3 history resources easier to locate and secondly by Theme, to help you find artefacts to make KS4 history lessons more interesting and memorable. If you’re stuck for teaching history ideas, check out our packs which have been put together to make starting with artefacts even easier.

If there is something you need your school to buy just contact us to arrange a credit limit or send us a Purchase Order.

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Once you start using artefacts to teach history in your classroom, your school history lessons will never be the same again.