A Guide to Bet on Football (Part 1)

It seems there is a promotion for football betting everywhere you look. Latest new customer offer of advertising boards, internet pop-ups and TV adverts all try to convince us to take advantage of it and join up to a different sportsbook.

If you need to refresh your mind or you are a betting beginner, there is a step-by-step guide for the information you need regarding how to bet on fotball.

Find the Latest Fixtures

You can find up-to-date fixtures from every country imaginable in some sites for English and Scottish leagues.

You need to know who’s playing whom before deciding to bet on somebody, your betting cost and betting type,.

You can move on to the next step when you are equipped with the latest fixtures.

Study Team News, Form, and Statistics

You have more chance of winning if you find out as much information as you can can such as head to recent head records, league tables, form, and every other statistic. You also need to check information on  key players, being rested ones, suspensions and injuries.

So, randomly sticking a pin in a newspaper, based on who’s playing whom selecting a team to back and hoping for the best although you know the latest fixtures.

Before parting with your cash you need to know as much information as you can because this can completely change the result of a match. For example, Liverpool may be leading the table and playing at home to lower place Arsenal, but a few days later due to a big cup game they are resting players. Liverpool might have also lost their last two home games against Arsenal, for instance.

Check the Odds

You should check the betting odds when studying the statistics. You can get how are the experts’ ideas about the match  by finding out the odds. There are some sites that will have a list of matches with odds from several leading bookmakers. These information can also sometimes be found printed in newspapers.