Balotelli and the forgotten talents of world sports

Mario Balotelli and Radamel Falcao once “stormed” in football village. However, their names now sink into oblivion. Italian football fans had high expectations for Balotelli, the owner of the 2010 “Golden Boy” award.

In the Italy national team shirt, “Super Mario” almost got his hands on the Euro 2012 championship. Balotelli’s business has been pale again in recent years. At the age of 29, the Italian striker now plays for Brescia, the average Italian team.

Leaving Atletico Madrid is probably the most misleading step in the career of striker Radamel Falcao. Although playing for MU and Chelsea afterwards, the South American spearhead did not leave much impression. In 2019, “Tiger” must adventure to Turkey and wear Galatasaray, the mid-range team of Europe.

Balotelli va nhung tai nang bi lang quen cua the thao the gioi hinh anh 6 5.jpg

In May 2012, coach Roberto di Matteo wrote a fairy tale when he helped Chelsea win the Champions League. At first, no one thought the Italian military manager could achieve that feat, because he held “The Blues” only as a temporary coach. After a brief and most successful success in the coaching career, Roberto Di Matteo sank into oblivion. He has been unemployed since 2016.

Chronic fatigue syndrome becomes a nightmare for MotorGP champion Casey Stoner. It was this disease that caused the Australian driver to end his career at the age of 27. During his career, Casey Stoner won the Motor GP twice in 2007 and 2011.

Balotelli va nhung tai nang bi lang quen cua the thao the gioi hinh anh 7 Greg_Oden.jpg

In 2013, crab driver Chris Horner shocked to win the red shirt at the Vuelta a Espana, one of the three prestigious and famous bicycle racing tournaments of the world.  Afterwards, Chris Horner joined Lampre-Merida, but his career began to decline because he could not compete with younger rivals.

On Russian soil in 2013, the athlete jumped three steps Teddy Tamgho surprised fans when winning the gold medal. Previously, Teddy Tamgho also made a mark with the victory at the athletics championship in the world house in 2010. But, the continuous injury and doping involved made the career of the French athletes go down. He never returned to the peak.