India Bet invests in a new virtual sports start-up Scoring11

Sports Gaming UK, the parent company of India Bet, has made an undisclosed sum of money to PlaySafe Games Pvt. Ltd., the parent company of the new virtual sports game portal Scoring11.

According to Fun88 sources, the deal will allow Sports Gaming to hold about 20% of the shares in PlaySafe Games. The remaining 80% stake in the company will be held by the CEO of India Bet, Harshit Mehta.

Norwegian B2B virtual sports provider Scout Gaming has signed a licensing agreement through which they will provide a platform and white label software for Scoring11.

This will be India’s third virtual game site with a white label solution provided by Scout Gaming. In addition to Scoring11, Trigam Mukherjee of Parliamentary Member (MP) Rajya Sabha Rajeev Chandrasekhar StarPick is another major virtual sports portal that uses white label solution from Scout Gaming.

All three Scout Gaming websites will be part of the shared liquidity network, with tournaments and awards from all three platforms being added and combined.

Commenting on this announcement, Harshit Mehta, CEO of Scoring11, said: “We see how virtual sports have grown strongly in the country over the past few years. For players like Dream11, the hugely popular company, we have explored the ability to expand our value chain into a virtual sports-focused business.

After sweeping through that market, Scout Gaming became the most competitive company, has set up a global liquidity network with access to both famous local sports such as Cricket and Kabaddi, but the International tournaments like the Premier League are what we believe will win in the long run.”

It is believed that Scoring 11 will bring the new trend for the betting sport market when it public its flatform and white label softwear. The company is accelerating the progress to put it in operation as soon as possible.