Jim Bankoff – The king of sports blog

Since taking over as CEO in late 2008, Jim Bankoff has helped SBNation.com become the largest, fastest growing online community network for sports fans. Bankoff saw the value of web programming products as being of great importance in business development.

The websites that have been introduced and managed have earned Bankoff a reputation in the business. However, he left AOL and began a new challenge with SBNation.

It is a network of sports blogs founded by Tyler Bleszinski and Markos Moulitsas Zuniga. However, the two founders struggled when they failed to find the right media to broadcast sports programs and create an affiliate community.

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In 2003, Tyler started his track and field at SBNation. The operation was more difficult when the founder was unable to organize activities so fans could gather and share information.

Although message boards and forums have been established, they have not brought about positive results. The growing development of the fan community has put forward a need to develop links to create an environment for them to operate.

However, since Bankoff became CEO in the fall of 2008, the growth figures have been astonishing to the founders of SBNation. Therefore, when starting a new step in his career, Bankoff wanted to do something more businesslike. And he thought that sport was a business that fit his ideals. Becoming a manager of SBNation, what Bankoff wants is to create a sports media brand with teams’ themes.

Because no sports fan adores all sports but only a certain team or player. So he wanted to build a sports blog kingdom so fans could search for all the information they needed.

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In order to materialize the idea, Bankoff planned a business project where he moved from a normal business level to a high level of centralized business. Because this leader understands that big brands don’t just attract the attention of the individuals themselves. However, from idea to business is not simple when they lack capital.

In human resource management, Bankoff is always aware that any manager can find the best person. But more importantly, it must be someone who has a passion for what they are doing that can bring success.