The sports betting industry enjoyed an unbeaten run in 2018. With lots of positives, 2019 is poised to induce exciting developments. It is expected that most bookmakers will come up with a variety of fascinating sports betting stints, and also make sports betting more accessible to people who love it.

Here are four major trends which are expected to grow the sports betting industry in 2019 and beyond.

More Focus on Women

In most countries, the number of women who actively bet on sports tends to be lower than the number of men. According to reports, the ratio of women to men who bet on sports stands at 1:15. This is undoubtedly attributed to the fact that most women are naturally not comfortable with taking risks. However, women below 30 years can be quite aggressive, and marketers are now targeting females in this age bracket to grow the popularity of sports betting.

Addiction to Sports Betting

As far as sports betting is concerned, the numbers will always keep growing. As bookmakers are continually trying to expand their catalogue of games, they are finding it a lot easier to connect with local folks. A decent variety of games also makes it easy for them to attract new players.

New Marketing Strategies

Most betting sites have turned to online marketing in an attempt to increase their reach. In the past, most sites used TV advertising. However, many sites today are trying to reach out to new customers through social media ads, and Google ads, in a personalised way, to draw a range of new customers.

Growth in Use of Credit Cards and e-Wallets

One challenge with sports betting is that some countries do not allow it. This does not mean that gamblers from such countries do not bet on sporting events. VPN software has made sports betting accessible to all. As a result, the use of debit or credit cards and e-wallets is poised to grow considerably.